Nhat Hai Project Technology Joint Stock Company established in 31/03/2003, previously known as Orange Informatic Communication – OIC (established in 13/10/1997). OIC NEW TECHNOLOGY is seperated from the Research and Development Sector of OIC and OIC NEW TECHNOLOGY is a stand alone company.OIC NEW TECHNOLOGY  specializes in applied research, technology transfer receipt Nano; Production and Distribution of products Nano Iron, Copper Nano, Nano Silver Nano Calcium, Titanium Dioxide Nano, Nano Silicon Dioxide, Chitosan Nano, Nano Curcumin and Nano Sensor materials. OIC NEW TECHNOLOGY will become the first company in Vietnam specializing in producing high quality nano, starting from the production of nano products for industrial, agricultural and then proceed to the production of high-end products for nano medical services. 

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    Villa OIC, Number 9 BT2 Linhdam Peninsula , Hoangliet Ward, Hoangmai District, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • (+844) 3733.2122 - 091.468.8787 Hotline: 1900.63.69.13
  • (+844) 3733.8787